Publications and Conference Papers


2015 “Our Religion in Not Hostile to Real Science”: Evolution and Eugenics as Race and Religion-Makers in the First Century of Mormonism (forthcoming in Journal of Mormon History).

2013 “Development of the Understanding of the Postmortal Spirit World,” in Joseph F. Smith: Reflections on the     Man and His Times, edited by Craig K. Manscill, Brian D. Reeves, Guy L. Dorius, and J.B. Haws (Provo: BYU Religious Studies Center, 2012), 221-232.

2012 “Utah Goes to War: The Lot Smith Company,” with Kenneth L. Alford in Civil War Saints, edited by Kenneth L. Alford (Provo: BYU Religious Studies Center, 2012), 119-134.

2012 “For the Temporal Salvation of the Church”: Historical Context of the Manifesto 1882-90,” 2012 Student Symposium Proceedings (Provo: BYU Religious Studies Center, 2012), 17-30.

Conference Papers

2016  Panel Organizer and Panelist, “The Confluence of Race, Religion, and Society: The Subversive Politics of Racial and Religious Minorities in the Progressive Era,” American Society of Church History (Accepted), Atlanta, GA, January 2016.

2015  Panelist and Panel Organizer, “Theology and Cosmology of Mormon Conceptions of Race,” Mormon History Association, Provo, UT, June 2015.

2015 Panelist and Panel Organizer, “Metaphysical Movements,” 14th Annual Florida State University Department of Religion Graduate Student Symposium, Tallahassee, FL, February 2015.

2014 “It is Not Wisdom for Us to go against the Laws of the Nation”: Mormon Identity, Plural Marriage, and the United States Government,” Southeast Regional History Graduate Conference, Florida State University, March 2014.

2014 “To Subvert the Cunning of the Devil’: Mormon Revelation and the American Nation,” Huskey Graduate Research Symposium, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, March 2015.
**Award for Best Paper and Presentation**

2013 “The Time Has Come…To Save the People’: The Context and Post- Script of the 1890 Woodruff Manifesto,” Mormon History Association, Layton, UT, June 2013.

2012 “Oliver Huntington: Eye of the Saints, 1882-1890,” Utah State Historical Society, Salt Lake City, UT, September 2012.

2012 “Opening the Prison Doors”: The Development of the Conception of Missionary Work in the Post-Mortal Spirit World 1829-1918,” BYU Church History & Doctrine/LDS Church History Department Symposium, Provo, UT, March 2012.

2011 “Utah Goes to War: The Lot Smith Company,”  Mormon History Association, St. George, UT, June 2011.

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