Current Research and Projects


“A More Powerful Effect upon the Body”: Racial Redemption and Antebellum American Racial Ideologies (Accepted, Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture)

“A Great Many of the Sisters Wept Silently & Seemed to Feel Worse than the Brethren”: Gendered Religion and Religious Disappointment (Under review, Journal of Religion)

Multi-Book Reviews

Racial Formation and the Civil Rights Movement and Twentieth-Century, Multi-Book Review Essay in American Quarterly (Forthcoming 2018)

Seminars and Workshops

Rocky Mountain American Religion Seminar

The Rocky Mountain American Religion Seminar (RMARS) seeks to create a regular meeting for specialists interested in American religion (broadly defined) within the state of Utah. Several times each year, RMARS selects and invites a scholar to present his or her research to specialists in order to receive feedback on their work. These visits would allow for students and professional scholars to participate in the production of cutting-edge scholarship. RMARS seeks to build an academic community and form relationships that are vital to academia, especially for students and junior scholars.

Mormon Studies Publication Workshop

Always held alongside the Mormon History Association Conference, the workshop helps to create a sense of community, provide feedback on developing projects, and help young scholars from a variety of institutions and disciplines publish their work, while providing helpful feedback for developing projects in Mormon Studies related to race, gender, and sexuality.

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